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An area for all capturing all things lifestyle. Canopy bed, couch/seating area, multiple stools & chairs to choose from....and of course a backdrop!

Current backdrop colors: Black, White & Tan


We call this blank space for a reason...its just that. Within blank space, you'll see floor-to-ceiling white & minimalism for any creator to be able to use. Also within this space, we have our creative space that we will be changing out every 3 months to match seasons/vibes.

Current Creative setup: Spring floral/twigs

Current Backdrop Colors: Pink, Bone & Chocolate Brown


We curated an industrial/warehouse themed space for you guys! This is our largest room at around 800 sqft. It features 4 rolling backdrops, a newborn space, plenty of seating, a bed area, & the best part is this room gets good light ALL DAY LONG. We still left it pretty empty for you guys to use and curate this space however you want!

Roller Backdrop Setups: Black, Concrete texture, White brick, & drapery.